Queen City Beach Volleyball

Beach Season is beginning soon! Training schedule this year will be on Wednesdays and Fridays 4:30-6:00 starting June 8th and finishing on July 1st. Rainout dates if needed on July 6th and 13th. USAV junior beach tournaments on June 25th, July 16th, and July 23rd. All experience levels welcome!

Group Training begins June 8th!

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Training is on Wednesdays and Fridays from 4:30 – 6:00 starting June 8th and ending on July 1st at
Cincinnati Sands Volleyball in Milford on Route 50.

Beach Volleyball Training

Led by Coach Chuck Shafer

Why Beach Volleyball?

  • Improve speed and agility through added resistances of sand
  • Shifting sands require muscles to work hard to maintain stability and balance
  • Sand provides a lower impact surface, easier on the body
  • All around skill development – a beach player has to do it all: block, pass, set and hit
  • Less players on the court requires better communication, aggressiveness and responsibility
  • Softer sand surface eases the fear of diving
  • Increase hand-to-eye coordination and ball control skills by dealing with different outdoor elements including sand, sun, wind and possible rain.

Olympic gold medalist/Women’s National Indoor Team Coach and beach legend Karch Kiraly recommends beach volleyball for indoor players. According to Karch Kiraly: “It’s easier to take your outdoor skills into the gym than to bring your indoor skills outside. Simple reason. Beach volleyball forces you to have all the skills. That’s why I think it’s a good idea for indoor players to play on the beach… Learning those skills can only help improve a player’s indoor performance. All my years playing on the beach as a kid certainly helped my indoor game. If nothing else, a player’s quickness and jump will increased by playing on soft sand.”